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Though not everyone in the US may own or drive a car, there is one sure thing that all Americans have in common – everyone is a pedestrian, even for just a particular time within a day. A pedestrian is any person on foot. He/She could be walking, jogging, running, just standing at a street corner or waiting for the bus or a cab to arrive, and so forth.

In a car crash wherein pedestrians are involved (as victims), they are the ones who always sustain the most severe injuries, such as broken bones, neck injuries or spinal column injuries. Just when one would think that walking may be the safest thing to do on the street, wait until a reckless or negligent driver comes along as his/her arrival may and can change the whole scenario.

In 2013 different car manufacturers, in improving their brand of cars, began introducing built-in safety features that will make driving not just safer and more enjoyable, but which will make the vehicle an active factor in significantly reducing incidences of accidents wherein pedestrians get severely injured or die. Some of these modern safety features are the Obstacle Avoidance technology which, with the aid of a camera that has up to 660 feet scanning capability, will automatically stop the car or make the car steer around pedestrians to avoid hitting them, the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake, and the Forward Collision Warning system and the Automatic Braking system.

With about 76,000 pedestrian injuries and 4,743 pedestrian deaths in 2012 alone, people on the street are considered no longer safe. It an article posted on its website, Houston Lawyer Ali Mokaram from The Mokaram Law Firm states that an accident resulting to an injury can very well affect an injured victim negatively by reducing his/her employment opportunities (due to the injuries), changing his/her life for good, at the same time.

There are many accidents caused by the negligence of other people and to this, Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® state that victims have the right of recovering compensation from at-fault parties or individuals. Compensation usually covers lost wages (present and future wages), cost of medical treatment and even damage to property. Thus, it is necessary that victims seek legal counsel, who can fight for their rights and help them get that compensation that they legally deserve.

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