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Hit and run accidents are among the most alarming incidents that happen in American roads and highways. The fact that these accidents are becoming more and more prevalent contributes to this concern. As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, vehicular crashes where the driver at fault flees the scene have resulted in 1,449 fatalities in 2011. This is a significant increase from the 1,274reported hit and run fatalities during the year 2009.

While specific provisions may differ from state to state, traffic laws in America generally require drivers that have been involved in an accident to stop and wait for traffic enforcement to arrive at the scene. Drivers that have caused injury to another motorist or to a pedestrian are also required to provide assistance and share all information necessary to do so. Driving away from the scene of an accident is a gross violation and is usually met with severe punishment. Those charged with a hit-and-run violation may face license revocation or suspension, imprisonment, costly fines, and even the cancellation of one’s liability insurance.

Still, the aftermath of a hit and run accident is far grimmer for the victims involved in the crash. An injury caused by a major car collision is already dangerous on its own. It’s easy to imagine that such dangers increase when the victim is left at the scene extremely vulnerable and with little means to seek out medical assistance. When victims do receive the medical attention they need, they are often left financially burdened by the expenses required for their treatment. Injuries caused by major car accidents are also known to leave victims incapacitated. In most cases, victims will need to take time off from their jobs in order to recover properly and are left with no means of income for the time being.

Because of these consequences, the website emphasizes that car accident victims have the absolute right to pursue legal action against those who injure them in such a grave manner. This is especially true for victims involved in a hit and run accident. Aside from criminal charges, a driver who flees at the scene of a car wreck can also be pursued through a civil lawsuit where victims can claim just compensation for the damages they’ve incurred.

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