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Yes, gun suppressors or silencers, as they are popularly known, as legal to own and use in the United States. However, there are strict guidelines and requirements in order to possess gun silencers, and sit is important to know that gun suppressors are only legal in 41 states. Gun suppressors are under the control and jurisdiction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, with federal and state laws regulating them for civilian use.

There may be difference between states when it comes to the requirements, but generally, they may ask for the same qualifications. It is first important to know whether you state allows civilians to legally own and use gun suppressors. You should be a legal resident and citizen of the United States, and is legally qualified to purchase a silencer. You should be a resident of the 41 states that permit civilian gun suppressor ownership. There is also a mandatory BATFE background check that you should pass; this test is typically 60-120 days.

Because of the strict requirements and qualifications that come with owning gun suppressors, many gun enthusiasts tend to go away with just using their firearms without silencers. However, the benefits of silencers, such as integral suppressors from Suppressed Weapon Systems, make the trouble of applying for legal possession worth it. Gun suppressors are not only utilized by the military, they also help make hunting easier and safer when used properly and for the right reasons. Because of these benefits, the market for gun suppressors has been booming for some time now.

A license is not necessary in order to purchase a gun suppressor, although you may need to pay a one-time tax of $200 for every single suppressor you purchase. Those who are of 18 years of age are allowed to buy gun suppressors if they are from a Form 4 to Form 4 transfer according to the laws in your state, and if he or she is a trust beneficiary or a part of a corporation.

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