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When we think of limousines, we think of long ones; these are actually stretch limousines and have an average overall length of 17.5 feet. However, this can go up to 100 feet at the extreme end, but this is highly customized.

The most popular traditional vehicles for stretch limousines include those made by Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes Benz. Non-traditional vehicles that have been “stretched” include Hummers, SUVs and Cadillacs. The benefits of stretch limousines, aside from the wow factor of course, is the increased leg room and/or occupancy as well as possible amenities such as a wet bar, sophisticated sound systems, and entertainment centers.

Most limousines are custom built because it is primarily a luxury vehicle, although there are standard limos for sale. Because even “normal” stretch limousines are longer than standard vehicles, the drivers have to be experts.

Historically, the first stretch limousine was built by Armbuster Stageway, a coach company based in Arkansas, on the request of a bus company in 1926. The company still exists, specializing in professional vehicles and building custom limousines for their customers.

Stretch limousines are basically elongated vehicles with an extended wheelbase, and may require special features. The longest limousine in the world was made in the US by custom carmaker Jay Ohrberg using a Cadillac. It has 26 wheels, a hinged section to help it turn and one driver’s cabin on either end for better maneuverability. It also sports a Jacuzzi, king-sized bed, swimming pool, and a helipad. It may not be possible to rent this particular limousine, but there are available ones that are pretty neat as well. Just tell your local limo rental company what you need, and they can probably come up with something.

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