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There are various why nursing home abuse is committed. It can be because of lack in the number of staff, resulting to overworked aides and nurses who grow impatient with all the work and requests of residents, untrained personnel, and/or, incompetent management. The underlying cause of all these reasons, though, is simply negligence and this fault paves the way for more abuses to be committed.

In February 2015, there were about 15,700 nursing home facilities in the U.S. which housed about 1.4 million residents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Though nursing homes advertise provision of quality care and attention to their residents, this is hardly the case since majority of them do not even have the needed number of staff workers, nurses or certified assistant nurses to see to all the needs of residents. The result instead are acts of neglect and abuses, such as of residents being shouted at and humiliated, being left unattended despite complaints of pain due to bedsore, being left without food, not given their medication on time, being left in a non-sanitized room or worse, being made to suffer physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse, which is the most degrading and wicked of all types of abuses.

Despite the gravity of the offense, sexual abuse is the least reported type of abuse due to the humiliation the victim feels. Commission of sexual abuse includes showing of pornographic materials, forced nudity, fondling, forcing another resident to kiss or touch the victim and, worst of all, forced penetrative acts. Many victims choose to remain silent rather than talk about their ordeal at the hands of their abuser. Some also become withdrawn, silent, sensitive to touch, evasive of eye contact and low-esteemed. Often sexually abused victims sustain laceration or other wounds which he/she would refuse to explain the cause of.

Sexual abuse in nursing homes has real consequences for its victims. They begin to feel unsafe around other people and must live with the terror of knowing the abuse could happen again. Thus, sexual abuse, or any form of abuse, for that matter, should have no place in nursing homes. To learn more about victims’ right in the event of sexual abuse, the content of this website may be able to provide you with the information you may just need – click here:

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